Friday, September 9, 2011

It's time to take my vitamins...

Every year I catch a cold at the beginning of the school year and every year my Mom reminds me that if I took vitamins I might not catch such a bad cold.  Well i've been sniffling for a day or two now so i guess I better take my vitamins!!! LOL
3 weeks down and I'm not loving my groups yet!!!  Again my mom reminds me that I never love them at first, but this group does seem a bit different.  They are so immature and I have so many behavior issues in both groups that it makes for a really long DAY!!!
I need to remind myself at the end of the year to take pics of my room - put together, because I am finding that i don't have everything unpacked that I need to have.  Somehow I forgot how we did homework last year and felt like an OLD lady asking my teamie what our procedure was   LOL!
1st round of homework came back to day and we only had about 4-5 out of 33 kids who forgot it or it wasn't complete. Next week should be better.  I HOPE!!!  LOL

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